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Google Search Changes

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The days of having a website that generally outlines the work of a business with a couple of pages of text, bullet lists and a few photos are long gone.

These days Google likes a lot more information it can chew over and churn out, prioritised — in the search results.

In November 2019, it got even tougher for website owners — “Google is now applying 'neural matching' to local search results. I quote: Google can do a better job going beyond the exact words in business name or description to understand conceptually how it might be related to the words searchers use and their intent.”

This means that the search engine is digging even deeper on each website to see just how local its service is. Now, business owners must be more prepared to talk/write about themselves and their work on their websites in detail.

Furthermore, businesses that operate in more than one location e.g. Portsmouth, Southampton, Winchester – will need to have much more specific content relating to those areas they wish to be found in.

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