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Mobile Friendly Web Design Portsmouth

People in the UK are now using their mobile phones more than the traditional desktop computer to access the internet. This means that it is now imperative that business websites comply - or risk falling behind in search results. Responsive websites perform consistently across all platforms so that your content can be accessed quickly and easily. These days most people look at websites either on their phone or on some form of tablet and if your website is not mobile friendly you could be missing out on potential clients, sales and possibly being penalised by Google in the rankings.

I've recently rebuilt several sites for clients in the Portsmouth area who had perfectly good websites but failed the Google mobile-friendly test - you can find them in my web design portfolio.

Recent Mobile Friendly Designs

Portsmouth Electricians4U is a good example, Up and Running Physiotherapy based at Roko in Copnor is another example, CJ Tools - precision engineering is another company based at Cosham. Yule Electrical Services, North End is another client who had a dated and very expensive site with Yell - Gary Foster of Foster's Gas Services also needed a new modern site. There are loads more examples - and here's the best news - they all do really well in Google searches.

Google Mobile Tester

If you're unsure about your own website simply follow this link and take the Google Mobile Friendly test - it takes a couple of minutes. If your site fails you'll probably need to address the problem sooner rather than later. Google Mobile Friendly Website Tester.

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It is believed that as many as 50% of viewers first look at sites on either their phones or tablets. Until recently websites were only built for desktop viewing. However, things have now changed and it leaves a huge number of sites at the disadvantage of showing unclearly on smaller devices.

Rebuilding your outdated site need NOT cost you a lot of money - please call me and let me give you a quote. All my new custom-made site builds are responsive at no extra cost.

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