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If you have a website I know for sure that your inbox or Junk mail folder is frequently populated by companies promising you no. 1 in Google. I get them and I am number one in strategic places! The prices can be enormous and frequently accompanied by large monthly fees to accommodate constant monitoring and adjustments.

This kind of work is relevant to very large sites with a large number of competitors - so if you're in that category - please go ahead and sign up. However, you might be pleasantly surprised by my own SEO Search Engine Optimisation strategy.

All my website builds for businesses in Havant come with design and coding for Google and Yahoo already in place - so you get off to a good start without paying a whacking great premium. See my SEO services below.

I've built a wide selection of responsive websites for clients in the Havant and Waterlooville area with great Google placings, ranging from Driving Schools, Wall Insulation Companies, Scrap Cars, Bed and Breakfast, Security System Installers, Cavity Wall Installations, Kitchen and Bathroom Experts - and many more.

My advice to anyone looking at this page with a wish to improve their website rankings ... look at the extent of your current website content. Google now expects websites to contain substantial written content. The days of 3 or 4 pages with basic details and a couple of bullet lists are gone!

SEO is not a quick fix and there are no guarantees that you'll get top rankings. BUT with good planning and well-spent time - you can certainly improve your position appreciably.

Please read full details of my web design service for Havant businesses.

To improve your SERPS:

  • Detailed web site review
  • Analysis of your opposition
  • Discussion about keyphrases and keywords with you
  • Further keyphrase research
  • Other on page optimsiation
  • Content development
  • Generation of new or updated sitemap
  • Submission of updated site to the major Search Engines
Website Design Havant - example of a web design for a Havant Cavity Wall insulation company

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