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More About Website Costs

Web design costs are quite understandably top of the list of questions most people ask when searching for a web designer: how much does a website usually cost to set up?

I'm always happy to give callers a rough idea of the cost of a new website whether they come out with the question straight away or not. Very often, it's the deal–maker or the deal–breaker and I appreciate this.

I too am a consumer so I totally sympathise. Recently, I needed a damp course injection in my property which is built with solid walls. I contacted three companies to give me an idea of the cost. All of them insisted, quite rightly, that they'd need to visit the property to see what would be involved in the work – and then they could calculate their prices.

I introduce this analogy to illustrate that the principle is exactly the same. A new website might be a handful of pages or it could be 50 or more. It might have text already prepared or I might be asked to create it. Given that time is money in all work – you can see that giving a quote without having that basic information would be a touch unfair on this little old web designer!


More Website Content Is Now Expected

Back in 2018 Google and Bing became much more concerned about the quality contained within websites when making their decisions about listing websites in their search results (SERPS). If your web designer has to compose more content it's going to reflect in the costs of the website. 2018 also saw the need for each website to have an SSL certificate to particularly satisfy Google – that it is totally secure – this too adds to the cost of hosting.

Not too long ago, it was possible to build websites with less content, as long as the site had some generally agreed search engine optimisation (SEO) basics. These are: well–chosen keywords/phrases, appropriate page titles, crafted meta descriptions, good use of headings, images with alt tags, optimised images, bullet lists and a fast–loading page. With all these things in place and a not too high amount of local competition a website should stand a fair chance of being seen in searches.

Now, the search engines are more discerning and are ranking websites with better content higher than the ones I described in the paragraph above. Whatever trade or business you're in, this still applies to you – your website needs much more content.

This means that you are going to have to get writing about the business you run and put it into words. OR you can ask your website designer to do it on your behalf.

Average Cost of Website Design for Small Business

I can build you a website for as little as £300 if you disregard what I've written about above. But to be honest I'm pretty sure you want a website to boost or enhance your business revenue – so you might as well go about having an optimised website that can make that happen.

How Much Does A Website Cost Per Month?

There are many web design companies who lure customers with no fee or a low fee to build the website. But they DO charge ongoing monthly fees. I do not operate this system as I believe that customers will soon be paying a very high price for their website without realising it. It's easy to factor a monthly payment in to your personal budgeting and in effect, forget about it. By paying monthly fees for your website – after a couple of years it really starts to cost you A LOT of money.

All my new websites will be hosted on my nominated secure servers. Hosting costs have risen this year to accommodate SSL certificates and they come in at a very competitive £80 per year.

My support fees start at a modest £60 per year which includes making changes and updates and also constant monitoring of your site to ensure its best performance in search results.

There's more information about my web design service throughout this website but do please pick up your phone and call me for an informal chat with no strings and no sales pitches!

Local Web Designer Prices

Don't forget that my service extends to Gosport, Fareham and Locks Heath, Portsmouth, Cosham and Waterlooville, Havant Rowland's Castle, Hayling Island and Emsworth to the East and Southampton, Totton, Hedge End, Chandlers Ford and Eastleigh to the West - and Winchester.

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