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Being Nice To People Is My Approach In Web Design

kindness in business

Build Your Business Ethically. It's a bit like re-inventing the wheel I know, but I reckon that if you treat people well and with respect, normally they will respond in kind. And so the circle turns ...

It doesn't or course just apply to web design - it's appropriate for every profession. Treat your customers well, go the extra mile and they'll probably recommend your services to someone else.

Bosses in business, commerce and industry should be doing the same - treat your staff well and they will respond with loyalty and hard work.

Sadly, this approach happens all too rarely. Treat 'em mean and keep 'em keen still seems to prevail. This is short term thinking and madness.

In a former life - as a BBC Producer I was told on more than one occasion - that if I wanted to move my career forward and step into Management - I'd have to be prepared to 'put blood on the walls'. I interpreted this to being prepared to hurt other people no matter what. I'm pleased to say that I was never considered for any such positions in the Corporation.

That was over 25 years ago and I notice with sadness that some people I worked with or came into contact with - were actually prepared to do absolutely anything, to further themselves. You know the sort of thing ... if you take a few down on the way - well that's OK - that's what you have to do to get on in life ...

As an independent web designer - a sole trader, I don't think I would have lasted five minutes if I'd adopted that harsh and unnecessary philosophy. Surely it's a no brainer - look after your customers, give them what they're looking for, give them ongoing support - and they will not only retain your services, but recommend you to others.

What goes round ...

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