How to write good and effective website text

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Writing Good and Effective Web Content For Your Website

good website text

Writing for the web is a process that requires some careful thought. Many people fall into the trap of writing web content to be read like a book or magazine article. This is the wrong approach.

It's an age when being top of the search engine results is the only thing that matters but unfortunately cramming a website with a selection keyphrases and hoping you've cracked it - ain't gonna work.

I come from the world of broadcasting and it's been hugely valuable to me in my incarnation as a Hampshire web designer. One of the basics in being an effective broadcaster is to be yourself and imagine that you're talking to just one person person - not thousands. Talk informally and make full use of the apostrophe!

When people first visit a website they're probably after basic information and not wanting to read about the ins and outs of your business model and your inside leg measurement.

Your website visitors will initially want just a couple of things: Does your website show what they're looking for? And can they find it quickly?

Get To The Point

Unlike writing essays which are designed build up interest you need to get to the point straight away. On website pages you have to go against your instincts derived from school and college: your most important points must always come first.

If you're looking for a painter and decorator to repair and paint your wooden window you want to land straight on a page that looks the business and quickly leads to details about that service.

Follow With The Detail

It's a well-known fact that Google has always sought good clear content when its search bots trawl the Net. Therefore, once you've lured your website visitor with tempting information on the front/home page - make sure you give them more information.

Use Bullet Points

Your website visitor is looking for information or products so make sure that he or she can understand your most important information by just glancing at your web page. Bullet points are good for this.

  • Use short paragraphs
  • Use short sentences
  • Avoid using jargon
  • Avoid keyword cramming
  • Write in a conversational style

Having explained all this I completely understand that many people either don't have the time to write this kind of content or find it difficult. This is a service that I'm happy to provide as part of my web design service from my base in Gosport, Hampshire. Although I'm in Hampshire, location is hardly relevant in this virtual world - so please call me wherever you are.

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