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How to Make the Most of Your Facebook Page

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We're constantly being told about the marketing value of Social Media and many businesses report that it's a hugely valuable free asset. For the purposes of this article I'm concentrating on the best ways to make use of Facebook.

Get into the habit of making regular posts because there is nothing worse than looking at a social media page that was last updated 3 months ago.

Show your personality when writing posts – they don't have to be long but a sense of the person will help your viewers take an interest in you. Write in 1st person.
Which looks (and sounds) better:

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Use images and videos where possible as they are more likely to draw in viewers. It's a good idea to take photos on your phone for ease but remember to sometimes hold the phone on its side – like a camera.

Remember to use #hashtags – they'll help you reach other people who are looking for your posts on your topic. Do use them wisely and don't just use a common hashtag just to try and show up in results.

Think very carefully about your cover photo as it's your first and best chance to make a good impression on would-be followers and potential customers. Make it look professional and represent your service or branding.

Don't overlook your profile photo as this is one of the first things your visitors will see when they land on your account – use a quality image.

Don't be shy and leave out information in your 'About' section. Visitors will often check this section to see if you're bona fide.

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