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WordPress v Bespoke - Who's The Winner?

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Don't Be Bullied Into Using Mass Produced Site Designs

I Avoid Building Wordpress Sites At All Costs. I don't build them for several reasons - they're overweight, with un-wanted functions and coding, they're prone to hackers - and they're vulnerable to problems and crashes if not maintained by an experienced developer.

WordPress has a massive library of off-the-shelf themes/templates available to download for free or to buy, meaning that your site can be manipulated in to a new form with relative ease. Sadly, websites using these popular themes are often targeted by hackers as they know they can effect a maximum amount of damage to hundreds of websites with little effort. (Don't kid yourself that you're the only one using that theme!)

WP also offer huge functionality through the use of plugins - bolt on devices to add a contact form here, an image gallery there, a video page ... etc. Alas, these are prone to clashing with the constant updates that Wordpress requires to keep ahead of hackers who are drawn to the system.

If WordPress plugins aren't already conflicting with other plugins, they conflict with the updates.

That's why I steer well clear of WP.

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