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Companies That Promise You Number 1 in Google


Like me, if you've got a website, hardly a day will go by when an email doesn't drop in to your inbox promising you no. in Google. I do and my site already ranks no.1 for many search terms! Some SEO companies even claim they're affiliated with Google - it's a lie. Google never discloses who its partners are. And No One can guarantee top Google search engine ranking.

Google themslves say and I quote: "Beware of SEOs that claim to guarantee rankings". So now you've heard it directly from Google, you should make sure that you avoid any company that offers any such guarantee.

The nerve of some companies can be quite breathtaking:

  • We guarantee to keep you on 1st-page results each month, or you don't pay for that month.
  • We guarantee to optimise your website for up to 100 different keyword phrases.
  • We guarantee to provide monthly reports that document all of your 1st page positions.

Sounds like a good deal?

Many such SEO companies that do still guarantee rankings have taken the clever approach of guaranteeing a certain number of keywords that they themselves choose. In this way, they can select mainly non-competitive terms and have a fairly high rate of success. Whether those keyword rankings provide any serious advantages to your business is another matter altogether.

Some other things to look out for include SEO companies offering free SEO trial services - let's get real here - no legitimate company is going to do this for free. And, if in return for the "free trial" they ask for your FTP username/password or ask access to your hosting account, just imagine what they could do. It's like handing over your bank PIN to a cold caller!

Then there's the offer of Submissions to thousands of search engines and so what you should be saying. Google, Yahoo, MSN/Bing, and AOL accounting for over 95% of the search market. Why bother with the rest.

Here's a good one ... "We know the Google Algorithm, we are Google Algorithm experts"

The algorithms used by search engines are complex, and dynamic. The best an SEO company can profess to know about is things like link popularity, content, meta tags, etc. And these by the way are a given obvious to anyone with any SEO nous in the web design business!

Search algorithms are constantly being changed so your site might be ranking one day and nowhere to be found the next.

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