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The Textbook Way To Build A Website

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I've just built my first website for a client who did absolutely everything right. The client did all I advised him to do from thinking carefully about his domain name - right up to the last curl on his specially designed logo! As a result, he's got a fabulous-looking and genuinely interesting website.

To be fair to all my other clients - it isn't always possible for a whole stack of perfectly good reasons but boy, it's happened - and it's been a joy.

Things have changed a lot in the web design world. Now, it simply isn't possible to put up two or three pages of basic information and still hope to show in the search results. Google is far more discerning on a series of levels.

Websites more than ever need to have useful and substantial content - and original content at that. And it's here that many of my clients - and me as a result - run into difficulties. Knowing what to write about.

Don't Leave All the Writing to the Web Designer!

Many of my trade clients are not used to putting into words what they do with their hands every day of their working lives - they just do it without thinking. They then assume that their web designer should come up with this content on their behalf.

There are plenty of web designers who'll take the money and happily oblige - no doubt seeking 'inspiration' from other websites featuring similar business information. Change a word here and there and no one will hopefully find out. But Google robots aren't that stupid anymore and duplicated text can be picked up very quickly.

You're the Expert

Back to my latest client. He's not an author or journalist but he knows his stuff and after I suggested a framework of pages for his website - he set about the task of writing freely about his subject and as a result I got about 30 pages worth of valid and relevant content that will make his website genuinely interesting to viewers - and hopefully, Google robots.

So, my message is this. If you want your website to climb above the competition - give it some respect and PLEASE don't dismiss the idea of writing about your work, at length.

I truly believe that this is the best way forward in Search Engine Optimisation and if you've got a decent web designer it won't cost the fortune that so many SEO 'experts' charge.

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