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Wordpress Software Dominates Web Design.

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This will not surprise the many thousands of web designers - many of whom use this free, open source kit. They not only use the system to build their clients' "bespoke" sites - but also their own. One good reason is that they don't actually build websites themselves any more - Wordpress software comes ready made for them to tweak. So much for original website design!

Here are the problems

All Wordpress sites use 'Themes' - templates if you like that provide so-called individuality. Truth is, thousands of people across the world are using exactly the same theme as you; these all-swirling and flashing designs are doing the same things on sites all around the world.

It's popular for brain-dead hackers - people try to hack Wordpress because it is popular - they know they can inflict maximum damage. The Wordpress solution is to make constant updates but unless you have an experienced webmaster overseeing this - these updates can conflict with the theme you just bought and bring your site crashing down.

Wordpress also comes with a wide variety of plug-ins that provide all the extra functions and gimmicks. These too are designed by a wide variety of global coders and frequently need updates themselves by someone who knows what he or she is doing.

Wordpress is bloated software. The software when combined with its theme can be a massive overweight monster packed with a thousand functions ready for anyone to use. Most of it isn't of course and just sits there doing nothing but clogging up cyber space.

Why I find this Wordpress prevalance most disappointing is simply in its appearance and its sameness. Whether you're looking at sites in Sydney, New Orleans or Cambridge - web designers are all doing the same thing - building Wordpress sites with a great similarity. Where has the individual artistic skill needed for a bespoke design gone?

Wordpress is easy, quick and largely free for the expert web designers but I doubt that they pass on their significant savings to their customers. I stand to be corrected but don't hold your breath.

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