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Simple Website For A One-Off Cost And No Further Payments

cheap websites for a one off payment

I occasionally receive requests to build cheap, single page websites for a small one-off payment with no further costs. The customer has presumably decided to have a website to bring in more business.

Customer Enquiry: “Hi There, I'm absolutely hopeless at trying to build my own website and would like someone to do it for me at a one off cost. Please could you let me know if once I've paid for a website design I won't have to pay anything else. I have a small home business so would only need a small website.”

My Reply: A website is now a vital part of any business - it's part of the kit. A quick fix to get new customers, it ain't.

You work in a business that is likely to have fairly strong competition locally - therefore, you need a website built by a designer who knows his trade. You can knock up a website for nothing - indeed there will always be someone who'll build you one for a couple of hundred quid. But when you discover that it isn't coming up in the search results (SEO) you'll end up having to fork out a lot more.

If you want to change a phone number or a price, a single sentence altered - you'll end up pestering and paying someone to do this seemingly simple job for you. And what if your website mysteriously goes down?

You're obviously unaware but you also have to pay annual hosting costs - every website in the world has this overhead to pay.

'You get what you pay for' was never a truer expression in the world of web design - a cheap home-made website will tell potential customers that you're likely to cut corners and do not go for the professional look. And more than likely it will be so low down the search results you might just as well not have bothered.

From my experience - and combined with current Google HQ thinking - if you choose to go online with a website ensure that it has substantial and useful content - 4 or 5 pages. Use your own photos if you have them and once it's published - expect to wait a few weeks before it begins to show and start climbing the search results.

This is the reality.

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