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web design glossary

Puzzled by website terminology? Then please view my web design glossary.

All areas of work bring with them their techno-speak and specialised languages — 'jargon' of course being the collective word.

For all outsiders this is a barrier that blocks understanding and meaningful conversation which is a disadvantage to both sides — unless you're a dodgy operator who thrives on hiding behind jargon!

I talk to a lot of people taking their first steps to getting online with a website and I always have to check myself when advising them what they might need, as I too sometimes slip into 'web speak'.

I hasten to add at this stage that you don't have to understand all the web design technical terms to own a website! I've created the list for the curious and general enquirer.


I've produced a glossary of web design terms designed to help all who are new to web design and would like a better understanding of the world they might be about to enter.

It's not by any means definitive but I think I've covered a good selection of words, terms and acronyms that might need some understanding in any web conversation.

Conversely, I hope I'm not patronising people at the same time. It isn't the intention.

I spent many years working at the BBC which is a fantastic example of an organisation that relishes the use of jargon. Such wonderful things as double–enders, ROTs and D202s. Web design is exactly the same with SSLs, TLDs and Nameservers – but it shouldn't frighten you off from having your own website.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of web design, hopefully without too much dipping in to web design jargon, please get in touch.

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