Pay Monthly Websites Are Too Expensive

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Pay Monthly Websites Are Too Expensive

pay as you go websites

Paying monthly for websites is a contentious issue these days - what exactly are you paying for month after month - indefinitely? Doing the sums can be scary. Such companies, and I have one in particular that I have in mind, are clever at selling the idea that your business will suffer and your website will drop in the rankings if you don't keep up the payments. This is garbage of course but still hundreds of companies are doing this.

Pay As You Go Website

Steins Cleaning Services was established in 1993 and for some of that time the company was tied into a website agreement with a large Directory company paying substantial amounts of money every month - indefinitely.

Anyway, Steins asked me to create a bespoke website (not one from a mass-produced template) which will not only do just as well in the search engines - but most likely do much better. Most importantly, they don't have to keep paying for their website over and over every month. Time alone will tell on the SEO with Steins website - but if the many clients I've rescued from this Directory recently are anything to go by, they'll be pleased they made the switch.

Switch Web Designer

Making the switch can seem a hassle to business people who are already totally consumed by running their businesses but moving away doesn't have to be a painful process. I'm experienced in this process and with my help you can be freed with one phone call and one email.

Rest assured, you are only moving your website - NOT your directory listing which stays in place.

If you'd like to escape these unnecessary premium payments and have a great looking website that actually converts - please look through this website:

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