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Bespoke Web Design in Portsmouth

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I'm a local web designer over on the other side of the harbour and I've been building websites for customers all over Hampshire for the past 12 years. I've loads of clients in the Portsmouth and Southsea area – all of whom rank well in local searches for their services in and around Portsmouth.

Whilst it's no longer crucial to use a local service in this modern internet age – a lot of people quite understandably prefer using local services. Mind you, I have a competitor with a registered office in the town but she actually lives in Cornwall. Now that's bordering on deception.

Cost of a New Website Portsmouth

It's usually top of the list of questions when people call me enquiring about a new website. Web design is no different to any other service – you'll always find someone who'll do the job more cheaply but you quickly find out that corners have been cut.

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I've lost count of the number of calls I've had from frustrated customers who have been let down by their web designer who has either disappeared or is reluctant make the changes you wanted two months ago. We then set about recovering their domain name and putting things right.

And then there are calls from people who paid a small price for their website and the find that their website designer wants more money to work on getting it into the search results.

Yes, I can get you online with a website for £300 but my guess is that you've decided to have a website because you want it to bring you in more work enquiries? These days 3 or 4 pages with a bit of text and a few bullet lists simply won't do. The search engines, particularly Google, expect to see some substance on a website. You therefore need well–written text that is relevant to your business – not a quick copy and paste with a few edits from someone else's website!

Don't panic, this is where I come in with my background in broadcast journalism – I can help you build up quality content for your website – meaning you won't have to waste time struggling to write about your business!

Website Videos Portsmouth

The mobile phone is now a powerful computer and as well as a means of communication – it's fantastic for taking photos for your website (use it like a camera – sideways). It's also good for website video – if used correctly. I can advise on this too. YouTube is an amazingly powerful means of promoting your website and your business – if you know how to implement it correctly.

I specialise in bespoke web design in Portsmouth designing beautiful, effective, affordable, SEO optimised websites for small businesses. If you are looking to create a new website or have a website redesign project, please get in touch.

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